Modern Polaxis

Modern Polaxis is a paranoid time traveller. Polaxis writes about all his strange experiences in his private journal. BUT, all his secret information, his paranoid delusions and conspiracy theories, he hides that away in a layer of Augmented Reality. Get the app and the book to hear and see the world as Polaxis sees it.

Polaxis believes the world we live in is a holographic projection from another plane in the universe. This projection is known as Intafrag and is patrolled by Intafrag agents. The agents monitor glitches and pursue time travelling fugitives. Polaxis believes he is one of these fugitives. But, he can't quite prove any of this because he was pretty wasted the last time he time travelled. Polaxis must hurry, for IF the fabric of our reality is merely a flickering light, what happens when someone flicks the switch off?

Written, Illustrated and animated by: SUTU

Programming by: Lukasz Karluk

Music by: Lhasa Mencur

The polaxis app also works with these three A2 posters. Buy the posters for $30 each or all three for $60 (price includes postage)

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